About Hondenbench


Once upon a time there was a little Bichon Frisé puppy named Cliff... Cliff was adopted by a loving family who wanted to crate train little Cliff right from the start. The family had a hard time finding a dogcrate in their home area and had to travel abroad for the perfect cage! This search had the family wonder if they could answer to the demand of dogcages in Belgium... and that is how the idea of a petstore started. What started with 10 dogcrates is now a storage facility 1500 crates! 

About us

Nowadays is a petstore filled with a little bit of everything! Dogs, cats, small pets, birds and fish,... we have everythign you need to take good care of them all!

Be sure to stop by and browse our store, you can look around our store for hours in order to see everything we have. Of course you pets are more then welcome to join you to our amazing store filled with all sorts of (dog)candy. 

We carry all the well-known brands like Hill's Science Plan, Eukanuba and Royal Canin. We also have a selection of more natural foods like Acana, Orijen and fresh frozen foods for your dogs and cats. If you are not sure anymore which is the best for your pet do not hesitate to ask us for help. 

Image: Daughter Wendy and Cliff (on the left) and Owner Peter and Chico (on the right)

Hondenbench's Team


Peter is the owner of He takes pride in his large collection pet products which, for some he has traveled many miles to find. He often attends pet expo's all over the world. His latest trips were to Orlando, USA and Nurnberg in Germany. On these trips he always looks for interesting new and innovative products to add to his fine pet product collection. Once upon a time he started importing cages, and he continues to carry on this tradition to offer his customers something new and unique at all times. This is one of the reasons hondenbench is always worth a visit! 

Due to our own import, we can keep the prices low for you, everyday.

Hondenbench's Student and weekendhelpers


Alexis is one of the students who works at hondenbench during the weekend and her holidays. She is great addition to the team and is fluent in french which is a realy good skill as we often have french speaking customers in our store!